Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose
  • Congrats to Rachel and Grant on their recent engagement!
  • I'm headed to St. Louis to see Nick in 2 days, 61 hours!
  • All of a sudden my distance vision has become blurry and after much WebMD research I think I figured out that it may be caused by me taking too much Vitamin E trying to have my scar heal quickly (which is when the blurriness started) - weird.
  • Lost 1.6 pounds this week and I'm excited to be on my way to be a bit slimmer and trimmer for the wedding.
  • Nick's landlord in St. Louis is having her brother move into the townhouse, thus moving Nick out within the month (ugh!). But that means that this weekend we are rental hunting for our place for Nick to move into ASAP (instead of later this year, closer to when I move up).
  • The dates for both my wedding shower and bachelorette party are set - things are really falling into place and there is certainly so much to look forward to during the next few months.
  • And... as of yesterday we will be married in four months - WOW!

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Rachel said...

How excited? Have you chosen your dress yet? What are your colors?!

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