Monday, October 27, 2008

Some values are ... like sugar on the doughnut, legitimate, desirable, but insufficient, apart from the doughnut itself. We need substance as well as frosting.
Ralph T. Flewelling

I was graciously awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by A Housewife's Journey to Forever!

Does anyone else just want to take a red pen to "Kreativ?"

I need to list 6 things I value and 6 things I don't and then pass it along to 6 people.

6 Things I Value:

Nick - I am so thankful to have him as my soon-to-be hubby

My mother - no better mommy in the world, even if some other daughters my beg to differ

My education - thanks to my mother I was able to complete my masters degree in April and always am grateful for the opportunity to have it in my back pocket!

My friends - I don't have a huge social circle, just a group of solid longterm friends. At my bachelorette party it was such a compliment to me to have a few of my friends comment seperately to me what a nice time they were having with the group (most friends are from different times in my life, so they wouldn't be together normally). I love my friends!

My animals - my mother and I always say we just couldn't live without an animal. I loved the two labs I had growing up and now my Bella and my mom's dogs too. I take their well-being and safety to heart.

The little things - I keep a gratitude journal (5 things each day I am grateful for) and really try to make an effort to be thankful and appreciate the small things in my life that I enjoy.

6 Things I Don't Value:

Expensive cell phones - sorry, I just can't justify spending more than my Alltel rebate phone (unless I become significantly more important in the near future, just kidding!)

People who are late

Frogs that sit outside my front door and wait to jump on my head

Political apathy

The awful carpet in my condo, ick

Junky coupon magazines that clog my mailbox three times a week

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Princess Freckles


Molly said...
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Molly said...

Ah, I hate those coupon magazines, I always throw them out befor I even get inside, which drives my Mom crazy because we normally get mail stuck in them. Thanks for the tag!

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