Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Men seldom make passes. At girls who wear glasses.
Dorothy Parker

You know how some people hate feet? I really don't like anything to do with eyes. I don't like seeing other people pull contacts out or heaven forbid I actually get something in my own eye. Ew.

But I knew my vision was going about two years ago when I started to have a hard time reading the narrative text from my couch on episodes of Intervention. (See :58 into this video.)

Hey, what can I say - it was my guidepost.

Then I couldn't see street signs clearly or the score on the big screen at the Cardinals games. It wasn't terrible vision, just fuzzy when looking at things far away.

So I finally went to the eye doctor (my first time ever, which completely terrified me) and got a prescription for glasses that would be best used for driving, especially at night. The doctor was nothing but nice and explained everything as she went along. The dialation was weird but other than that it really wasn't as horrible as I imagined.

I shopped around for some nice frames in a style I liked that weren't $300. Sam's Club did the trick and I picked up my new glasses on Saturday.


It's like they're my magic eyes. I didn't realized how blurry my sight was, even with things as close as the computer screen at work. WOW! It's amazing but St. Louis isn't nearly as hazy as I once thought. So I've been wearing them for more than just driving and really appreciate being able to, um, see things.

As Nick says, this is my smarty-pants wife.


Mrs. Fabulous said...

Welcome to the club! I've been wearing glasses since age 2. It's amazing what you can see with a little help!

You look fantastic! xoxo

Angie said...

I've also been wearing glasses most of my life, since the 3rd grade. I love getting a new pair and all of a sudden you can see so much better! You do look hawt.

Susan D. said...

I've worn contacts since 7th grade & actually need new glasses. Yours are cute ... I may have to check out Sam's Club myself!

Busy Bee Suz said...

They look so great!!!!
I get my contacts at Sam as well.
I LOVE intervention too. :)

Together We Save said...

Love them!! Very cute... I got mine about 6 months ago!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I went to the eye doctor once and was like peace out when they tried to spray the air in my eyes. Those look super cute!

Sarah said...

I love glasses! Ironically, it was my two failed LASIK surgeries (long story - don't get me started) that have left me unable to wear contacts and essentially stuck in them. I have tried to make the most of it and I wear really bold frames. Boys love that "naughty librarian" look! :)

Kristen said...

They are CUTE!! I love them!

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