Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah, the alleys . . . It's really a sensory experience, you know. The scent of Aqua Net on a beehive hairdo. The roar of polyester rubbing against old Naugahyde. The site of a cigarette stubbed out on a patty melt. All this plus the anticipation of placing your feet in shoes only seven thousand others have worn before you.
Diane Chambers, Cheers

Last weekend after the Christmas that was a bust, we were both itching to get out of the house to do something. Do anything.

So for the first time ever together we went bowling! I used to bowl a lot as a child and also as a camp counselor through college but not at all recently.

We headed to Crestwood Bowl here in St. Louis. As Nick said, he wanted an "authentic" bowling alley, not one of those new, clean ones. The place was packed and we had so much fun. Fries, corn dogs and three games of bowling was an excellent way to entertain ourselves for an evening.

We played three games, Nick won the first game and I the second - our tie breaking third game went to Nick but only by a few points. I will say, bowling really messed up my manicure, so I was
too distracted to beat him again.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I kick Matt's butt at bowling!!! He claims that he's just "letting" me win-I disagree!

Angie said...

How fun! I am like you, I love to go out and do new and fun things. I am awful at bowling, I get excited if I break 100! But I still think it's fun. Crestwood is right up the street from me and we played there in high school all the time.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What fun for you both!!!! I can't believe you didn't bring Winnie. :)
Yes, bowling is not good for our nails...Glad you guys tried something new together. Sweet.

Eights on the Move said...

Hey stranger! I'm back in the blogging world & got to catch up on yours :) Glad to see things are going great for you!

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