Friday, November 20, 2009

Dogs come when they're called;
cats take a message and get back to you later.

Mary Bly

Today I'm participating in Kelly's Korner with "Show Us Your Life." This week's topic is pets.

I've had a lot of pets growing up and always loved animals. It certainly comes from my mother who loves them even more. From cats to Labradors, I loved having animals as a child. As an adult, I knew I just couldn't live without a pet.

In 2005, I went to my local Humane Society for my very own cat. While browsing a fuzzy, Tabby paw stuck out of the cage and rested on my shoulder. That's when I met Bella.

Also known as Bella-Bell-Bell, Bella-Lou, Bella-rina and, unfortunately, Bella-schmella. Nick also calls her Pukey or Squawker.

I adopted her when she was 8 1/2 years old and she is now about 13 years old. We always joke that "Bella has baggage." Wouldn't you if you lived in a cage for over 3 years?

She is a good snuggler when she wants to be but also bites and throws up a lot after eating random pieces of plastic. That's okay, I'll put up with it if she doesn't have to be in a shelter and can just live the rest of her old lady years asleep on the back of the couch.

These days her favorite activities include bird watching from the den (I put a bird feeder right outside the window), running through the house as fast as she can without a destination, stealing pony tail elastics and napping with Nick.


Rachel H. said...

So sweet...she seems like a good pet! Didn't know that she was 13!

Trisha said...

I <3 her!!!!!! So cute!

I just may have to participate this week, even though I haven't in a few weeks. :(

Megan said...

I love all the nicknames you have for her! So cute.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! She has quite the old lady life!

Anonymous said...

This is one lucky kitty!

Amy said...

So cute! Thanks for leaving a comment at my space! :)

Preppy Lizard said...

Oh she is so sweet!

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