Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.
Edward Sandford Martin

On this Thanksgiving I think we all take a moment to think about all of the things in our life we are thankful for. Of course, nothing is perfect (who's life is?) but just stopping to take a look around and realize the points of gratitude in my life is very therapeutic. I try to do it daily and do it weekly, on Sundays, here.

So on this Thanksgiving 2009 here's a list of the thing in my life I am so grateful for:
  • My darling Nick. He compliments my personality to a tee. Calms me down when I get all riled up, helps me realize not everyone does laundry weekly and how to grocery shop without a list. He is kind, smart, ambitious and really, really funny.
  • My wonderful mother. She's my only momma and I'm her only daughter or child for that matter. Life two peas in a pod. No one else will shop Macy's with me in less than 7 minutes, be the best travel buddy or makes pink mashed potatoes on Valentine's Day. I'm so thankful for our strong relationship even though we're thousands of miles away from each other.
  • And in no particular order: my good health, Bella, my education, the fact that Nick and I have stable jobs in careers we enjoy, two paid off cars that are still running, loyal and caring friends, a safe and warm (and really cute) home and wonderful in-laws.
I know there is so much more but for me these are the things that constantly come to mind when I think of gratitude. I hope you all take a moment to reflect on that today. Nick and I are doing Thanksgiving here alone which makes me a little sad (however I'd rather save the airfare for Christmas in Florida!) but I have a pumpkin pie baking and I'm ready to make us a big yummy, traditional dinner to enjoy together.

And then we'll watch football all night long. So that means I'm also thankful for the good book I'll be enjoying on the couch!


Angie said...

Awesome post! I too have sooo much to be thankful for. We are both truly blessed and I try not to forget that for even a moment. I'm thankful that I met you this year, you're a wonderful girl and I'm glad you're my friend!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

I agree...what a heartfelt post. I'm so thankful that you're my friend! Have a great Thanksgiving!

CRICKET said...

Family, friends and health pretty much sums it up! Hope your day was special.

Anonymous said...

On the very top of my list for being Thankful is my darling daugher! No one has a nicer or more loving daughter than me...might I add very smart and very pretty!

Anonymous said...
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Blasé said...

O'le Edward really knew how to put words together, didn't he!

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