Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let us found a society that shall be kind alike to all and think more of a girl's inner self and character than of her personal appearance.
Sarah Ida Shaw, founder of Delta Delta Delta

My dear friend Melissa's mother once told me that one way to enjoy the regular ins-and-outs of life is to always have something to look forward to. Whether it's a trip, an out of town guest visiting or a great concert coming up I always remember that having that next thing always makes daily life fun.

The next thing that I'm looking forward to (Winnie was my last "milestone!") is the Tri Delta National Convention in Orlando on July 4th weekend - my mom is coming up from Sarasota to join me! I'm the official delegate from St. Louis so in addition to the meetings and voting we'll be able to take in the fabulous resort location and even a fun night at Sea World.

This will be my third Tri Delta Convention and it is always such a delightful time slathered in pansies, pearls and Delta Love!

San Antonio 2004 (delegate as my chapter's president)

Los Angeles 2006 (delegate from Naples Area Alumnae Chapter)

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Have fun! You look fabulous in that pink dress.

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