Friday, November 5, 2010

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.
Calvin Klein

It's the curse of the discontinued product.

Unfortunately, it afflicts me often.

I must have such good taste that no one else buys the products I like.

Or, perhaps, I'm weird and no one ever buys the products I like.

Either way, I have a constant issue with great products that I love. That I adore. Then, the next time I swing into to Target to pick up a replacement, it's gone. I often kid myself, "Oh, they must be out. I should check Wal-Mart or CVS."

But the product is gone. Disappeared from my life never to be seen again.

Then I become the crazy lady who orders discontinued products online. They arrive in an unmarked envelope with random stickers and various packaging. It doesn't matter, though, because it is the product I've been missing.

The most recent causality has been my adored CoverGirl Outlast eyeliner in Onyx. Oh sure, CoverGirl says on its website, "Just use so-and-so eyeliner, it's the same."

No, CoverGirl. No it is not. The Outlast eyeliner stayed perfectly on all day and then was easily removed at night. No smearing or greasy lines. It is magic eyeliner.

Thank goodness a random Amazon seller agreed with my appreciation and allowed me to purchase four magic eyeliners to fill my makeup void.

Welcome back discontinued magic eyeliner. Welcome back.


Kelly said...

I have used the same CoverGirl eyeshadow since I started wearing makeup in jr. high. I can not imagine what I would ever do if they discontinue it.

Angie said...

That was hilarious! But not really when you want something and can't have it. Glad you found your eyeliner.

Gracie Beth said...

Glade discontinued my flameless candle so I was totally that girl that had to order refills online! I mean how wasteful are they?

Mrs. Fabulous said...

That is funny!

I just found out the other day that my lip liner is being discontinued. I think I might dip into savings to buy as many as I can before they're really gone forever!! :)

Meredith said...


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad you found some...but what will you do when that runs out???
I feel the same way about certain products too.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Glad you found it!!!

The Mulberry Girl said...

That has happened to me with Lancome items...I buy them off of eBay but would be nice not to have to search endlessly and hoard them!

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