Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa honey, I wanna yacht and really that's not a lot
I've been an angel all year
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight
Ertha Kitt

This year Nick and I agreed not to exchange gifts. To be honest, the last thing we need is to spend money on stuff (although I'm sure very nice stuff) that I don't really need. Things we do need include a new car (that has heat for goodness sake) which, in my mind, is where I'd want my money to go to this year. I know we will receive plenty of lovely gifts from our families and I'd like to spend any extra holiday money hosting a great Christmas dinner, going ice skating and simply enjoying the season.

So, what are you asking for this Christmas?

Just for fun here are some items that I'd love for Santa to put underneath my Christmas tree (just not with my money, to clarify):

A set of 10 oz. couple monogrammed Tervis Tumblers

Source: The Palm Gifts

Canon PowerShot point and shoot camera

Source: Best Buy

A personalized tote bag for Winnie
(yes, she has a lot of stuff)
Source: LL Bean

Complete my everyday china from Crate & Barrel
Source: Crate & Barrel


Sarah said...

I love this game.

1. Replacements of my broken C&B everyday stuff. It happens over five and a half years.

2. Fun salad/dessert plates with birds on them.

3. A new house. Hey, it worked in Miracle on 34th Street!

Angie said...

I'm in the same boat as you, we just don't need any more stuff.
What I REALLY want more than anything is yarn. I told my stepmom and I think I'm gonna get a gift cert to Michaels or Joannes. That will buy so much YARN! I also need a pedi really bad, my feet are just nast. I really just wanna buy stuff for Nick so that's what we're gonna do.

Princess Freckles said...

My husband and I always set a spending limit. We sometimes go over it a little bit, but I try so hard to stay within the set goals. This year, his big gift is a framed picture of the 2006 All Star baseball game that was held at Comerica Park here in Detroit. he was there, so it's special, and I figure something we can use to decorate our basement/"sport's den". I try to buy things we can really use. He bought me a new Winter coat...very practical.

I commend you both for appreciating the season without spending. A new car will be so SO SOOO worth not getting a few smaller presents this Christmas. I may suggest we follow your lead next year and save for something bigger rather than buy smaller gifts. I'd love to redo my 1970s bathroom!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looks like a great list to me! Maybe your mom will read your blog and see your hints.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Santa from Sarasota has done his shopping and none of it is on your list!

Barefoot in the Park said...

we have the same everyday!

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