Thursday, February 3, 2011

All things are cheap to the saving, dear to the wasteful.
Benjamin Franklin.

A day at home because of the weather was certainly welcome because of our growing to do list. Nick got a ton of stuff done at the dining room table for his new job. I worked and also put a dent in our packing. We are low on boxes now but I got all of our bathroom and bedroom drawers cleaned out.

Perhaps it's because of my mother's minimalist household, but I tend to stash toiletries! I'm ruthless with editing home goods and clothing (if I don't use them, out they go). But with sunscreen, bandages, cotton pads and razors... you know you'll use them, so why not store them?

Generally, it's practical. We really do use most of my stash and it's nice to not get stuck without that extra bottle of aloe gel or extra Zicam.

But I do, as realized today, have a problem with hoarding hotel-size goodies. Not just shampoo and conditioner but sewing kits, little plastic bags of Q-Tips and shower caps are all in my stash.

I always take all the bathroom goodies when we travel. When we get home, I toss them in a drawer. A drawer that I can no longer close because it's full to the brim! I use the little lotions in my work bag or at my bedside table. Other items are used in later travel and for house guests. Nick loves mouthwash (aka "Mouth Juice") so I put aside those little bottles!

But it's gotten out of control and I'm not moving all this stuff! I gathered two big freezer bags for the food pantry pile (they said they'd happily take them) growing in the basement.

Hopefully someone who really needs that bar of soap (or an individually wrapped shoe horn, for that matter) will appreciate and enjoy my little travel tokens!


Busy Bee Suz said...

As I was reading about all your hotel sized goodies I was saying: Take it to a shelter!!
So, you heard me??

Best of luck with the packing. IT is so tedious, but the unpacking in a new place will be fun!

Anonymous said...

If in doubt throw it out!

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