Friday, May 20, 2011

And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.
James Russell Lowe

Reasons why I know I will love June 2011:
  • I'm heading to Florida for the first time in over a year to visit my mom and make a weekend trip to see Melissa and meet with some clients.
  • Continuing the Florida love, here is what I'm really looking forward to while I'm there: breakfast on the kitchen couch with my mom + dogs, seeing Casey's son, Eli, toddle across the room, snacks and a sunset at Point of Rocks, chatting with my godmother, Sue, on her patio on Siesta Key, a Publix sub, purchasing my (eighth?!) pair of my favorite black heeled sandals and some 97% spandex (it makes all the difference) tees at Miromar Outlets, dipping my toes in the water and collecting shells on Bonita Beach with lunch at Doc's and/or The Fish House to follow.
  • Ashley's son, Logan, is due June 25!
  • Hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Much to my monogramming dismay, they don't know the gender, but it will be a cute celebration anyway!
  • Heading down to St. Louis to stay with my dear friend, Sarah. The trip not only means time to catch up with her but also the Soulard Farmers Market, Ted Drewes and Trader Joe's (with a cooler to truck my things home, I have no shame).
  • Having our "only/first" Quad City friends join us for Couples Twilight Golf at Nick's club. The theme is "Margaritaville" which, in my book, means I will get to unabashedly wear my Brooks Brothers pink whale pattern pants and a lei with my golf shoes.
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