Thursday, December 20, 2007

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.

My office, and it's parking lot, are located right next to a large lake. When I started working here I noticed there were a lot of ducks hanging out by the lakes edge. They were cute, they quacked and I always said hello to them on the way to my car. What can I say, I love animals, especially when they waddle.

As the months passed I noticed, as well as everyone else in my office, that the ducks were getting closer toward the building and now spending their days in the parking lot. At first, it was funny to watching the waddle through the parking lot. You know, maybe they were going to Publix to pick up a few things.

Well, now, not so cute. They are not just in the parking lot, they are on the sidewalks around the building. Not just four or five ducks - we're talking ten to fifteen ducks. All.the.time. People have to slow down and stop in while pulling in to let the ducks get out of the way. And not to hurt their feelings but they aren't even pretty ducks, like Mallards or something, they are those funky looking Muscogees.

The other day I caught a lady who works in my building red handed, feeding them. Now I'm all for taking care of animals, leaving food out for a stray cat or whatever. But there is just no need to feed a group of wild animals that have a perfectly good food source in the lake right next store. Especially now that they think any human has food and proceed to rush, more like quickly waddle, up to you every morning and every night.

So when you hesitate to walk to your car alone at night, feel lucky that you aren't going to be accosted by a gang of fast-waddling ducks.

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Shara said...

hah hah hah That happened to us in San Francisco. I had a doughnut in my purse and I was chased by squirrels.They were literally chasing me DOWN. It was a full on sprint to get away from the rodents. It was funny at first but then quickly changed to frightening.

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