Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Never too old to learn.
Latin Proverb

I'm officially old. No, really, it is true.

I received an iPod for Christmas which was a wonderful surprise! It was pretty, and black and very fun to play with it's touch screen and snazzy pictures. Can you tell how much I really know about it? I like it because it is pretty and lets me watch Sex and the City episodes off of YouTube.

So I went to Best Buy today to get some sort of adapter so I could listen to it in my car. I poked around at the selection and found a few that were wireless and then another that was an old school tape to insert with a cord.

I found one of the smart-techy guys in a blue shirt and asked him a few questions about it. Does this work with the iPod Touch? Would you buy this one versus this one? Is it worth it to spend more money?

He quickly answered by questions.

Yes. That one. Yes.

And moved on to the next customer leaving me there juggling a few akward boxes and still sort of confused. I turn to my left and this young kid (he was not a day over 14, so that is young in my world) looks at me and shakes his head. He pulls his ear phones, oh excuse me,"ear buds" out and says, "Ya want help?"

Um, yes please?

He turned around to the display, took what I have out of my hands, puts them all back on the shelf and then hands me two additional boxes. He pulls his iPod out of his pocket (oooo... he has the same one has me!) and says with one of the ear buds still contected to his head, "Get this and this. We have a bad ass iPod. Do it justice."

He said I needed to get the wireless car adapter that also has the charger (and he found me one that was opened and returned so it was discounted $30) because it doesn't distort the sound, charges when you don't have your computer and you don't have a bunch of wires everywhere.

He also handed me a clear protector case because of the sensitive touch screen and the shiny metal back that gets "scrapped up all to hell" if you don't cover it. And it has to be clear so you can show off your unscraped shiny metal back.

I nodded my head in agreement as he rattled through the features of each.

He pulled his hair out of his face, smiled, shoved his ear buds back in and shuffled off in his Rainbow flip flops leaving me standing there an official old woman with a Coach bag and a sweater tied around my shoulders.

Hey, at least this old lady has a bad ass iPod.

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Shara said...

hah hah hah. I laughed out loud. That's an awesome story. I love it. You're not old. You have to remember that the priorities/life of a 14 year old are majorly different than those of a 25 year old. :)

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