Friday, December 21, 2007

When in doubt, wear red.
Bill Blass

I'm not much of a bright nail polish girl. French manicure, please. But the rush of Christmas came over me yesterday thanks to watching Clash of the Choirs, Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candles and gift wrap with Santas all over it. So I went with RED on my mani and pedi to put me in the festive holiday spirit.

If now is not the time to have red nails and toes then when is?!


Mandy said...

Every girl has a time in her life where red nail polish is a must!

I was an elf last night and wrapped about 15 presents! I should paint my nails red when I get home!

Anonymous said...

love the toes!
before i forget, happy birthday!!natalie

Shara said...

I love it!!! I'm usually a french manicure girl too! I needed a little change a few monts ago and did red myself. Isn't it FABULOUS? Sexy red for Christmas. ;)

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