Sunday, January 13, 2008

No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.
Hugh Johnson

I'll admit it... I have a a bit of black thumb. It's not that I don't love plants and flowers but I really have a knack for killing them. Quickly. It also isn't good for plants when they are munched on freely by a tabby cat.
So when for Christmas I received a Paperwhite bulb from Casey and then an Amaryllis bulb from Amanda on my birthday I was a little nervous. Little did these beautiful bulbs know what they were being handed over to! But I followed all the instructions, set them near a sunny window and waited.
You know what? They are gorgeous! Bella doesn't really like them and they are growing so fast and healthy. Maybe I was just meant to grow blubs. The Amaryllis is blooming and the Paperwhite is close. It's fun to see their progress just over night.

Now my mom and Nick (both great gardeners who don't kill plants) can leave me and Bella alone about all of my past dead plants because I am growing these lovely flowers!

On January 7

Yesterday morning

This morning


Sarah said...

I also have the Thumb of Death. However my potted palm and my jade plant have survived 4+ years of black thumbness and lived to tell about it. I think we just needed to find the right plant to let our inner green thumb shine!

shara said...

Looks beautiful! I kill everything as well. Thank god my husbands parents are green thumbs. They seems to be able to revive everything that I get within inches of death.

barefootbride said...

there beautiful! i've ben miss in you...i'm glad you link from xanga!

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