Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunburn is very becoming, but only when it is even -
one must be careful not to look like a mixed grill.
Noel Coward

My dear friend Casey came down to visit for the day on Sunday. We live realitively close to each other but she manages her parent's restaurants and therefore has the complete opposite schedule of mine. But we stole away one day which was so nice to have her around.

Now let me preface this by saying we were both raised in Florida, she and her husband surf all the time, we know the sun and the climate around here pretty well.

It was a mildly cloudy day on Sunday with a steady breeze. We went to the pool around noon and stayed out there until maybe 2 p.m. It was cool and comfortable. We swam, chatted, snacked and enjoyed laying around.

We heading back to my condo, took showers and went shopping for a bit. Then met Nick for dinner.

As the hours went by after the pool we are watching each other get more and more red. By the time Nick got to the restaurant Casey's chest was nearly plum colored.

Oh my goodness we are both SO SO SO SUNBURNED!

I don't know if it was the cooler weather that kept us from feeling warm or what but we are just both fried. By the time I got ready for bed Sunday night I was cherry red from head to toe. I didn't even let Nick in the bathroom when I was putting aloe on because it looked so terrible.

Now that it's Friday I am finally a semi-normal skin color again - except for my peeling forhead when makes me look like a molting snake - it feels much better.

So no matter how cool or cloudy it may be I am never going without sunscreen slathered all over my skin (although now nice and tan!) ever again!

Me and Casey: after dinner and officially
looking like Lobster-red Minnesota tourists.


Sheryl said...

I think the sun is stealthier in FL. I've had that happen more than a few times. Once when I was a kid visiting my grandparents, I got one of those stealthy sunburns. To make matters worse, when I took a shower I tried a new apricot scrub that chewed up my poor sunburned face. Ugh.

Are You Willing to Change? said...

It doesn't look so bad! I've had that happen to me a few times, as well. Except I was outside doing some work, and it started to blister and bubble. It was a bad experience.

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