Friday, March 14, 2008

There aren't enough days in the weekend.
Rod Schmidt

I don't think one can ever really appreciate a Friday until they have worked full time all week. Because this morning I stepped a little faster, made my hair a little cuter just because it's FRIDAY.

Woot! I love my weekends and this is going to be a good one.

This evening I'm heading out to Nick's course to hit a bucket of balls and then snuggle in with him at his house this evening.

Tomorrow I am "borrowing" my friend Melissa's minature dachschund, Coco Chanel, and taking her to a local pet festival sponsored by The Humane Society - I'll pretend she's mine and not look like a crazy dog-less lady wandering around. Coco loves her Auntie Randall.

Then on Sunday my dear Casey has the day off (she works in the restaurant business so our schedules are complete opposite) and is coming to play with me all day. I'm debating between pool time all day or a little shopping. We shall see.

Oh, and let me mention in case you forgot - IT'S FRIDAY!


Are You Willing to Change? said...

I'm so excited that it's Friday too...I'm going to the Biltmore House! I can't wait even though Grant is not even excited about it. It's okay though, I'm sure we will have a good time.

shara said...

When I was teaching my fav day of the week used to be Thursday. Now I don't think I have a fav day since I work weekends.

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