Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks are an art form that uses the night sky as the canvas.
Larry Crump

As my grandfather used to say, "How's your ass for shootin' firecrackers?!"

Although it is pouring rain here this morning, I hope it clears up by this evening. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


Justin and Jenn said...

We did see the Tri-Delt floor and and wall mural. There were actually about 5 Tri-Delts in our group from Clemson and they were sooo excited to see it!

Heidi said...

Happy 4th to you too! Let's hope for dry rest of the day!! :>)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Funny saying by your Grandpa!!! Have a good Fourth!

Preppy Lizard said...

Happy 4th of July! I'm praying for the rain to stop too...URGGG!

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