Monday, April 18, 2011

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.
1970's Coca-Cola commercial

As with any move, you notice regional and cultural differences about where you came from to where you are.

There were huge things moving from Florida to St. Louis. Like, um, seasons. And pools not being open year round. Shoveling snow. And everyone wanting to know where you went to high school.

Moving from St. Louis to Iowa, just four hours north, I expected the changes going from a rather large metropolitan area to a smaller region. But my husband is from Iowa. My in-laws live in Iowa. I'm familiar enough with the Midwestern aesthetic that it didn't seem foreign to me.

And, generally, it really isn't too different. But there are little things that make me chuckle and the grocery store is the easiest place to recognize differences.

Side note: there are no Trader Joe's here. Which may make me more sad than not having Publix. Wah. But I am learning to appreciate Hy-Vee and their glorious self-serve food bars.

Anyway, first, what do you call the carbonated beverage that comes in cans or 2-liter bottles?

I call it "soda." Or even the overreaching title of "Coke."

In Iowa, it's "pop." Not just a part of the venacular. It's actually referred to in the grocery store as pop. See:

Yes, I took a picture.

I will be making a consorted effort to call it soda the rest of my life no matter how long I live in Iowa. Sorry.

On another grocery note, I had to explain to a stock girl what capers were. I couldn't find them (they are usually with the pickles) and asked their location. I was answered with a blank stare.

"Um, capers? Um... I don't know what those are."

Have you ever tried to explain what a caper is? Yeah, me either. I had no idea how to describe it so I nicely had her to check with a coworker. Thankfully, two people later, the capers were located and the state of Iowa as a culinary resource was redeemed in my mind.

The Spanish-style chicken with yellow rice and capers I made for dinner that night was delicious. As was the soda I had with lunch today.


Angie said...

ahaha awesome post! I learned about "pop" in Ohio. I have family from there and everyone calls it pop there too.

Molly Jean said...

We DO have Trader Joes!

I'll also admit I've never seen a store that had 'pop' written on the sign ;)

Where in IA are you?

PinkPolkadotAA said...

We finally got a Trader Joes! Took them long enough.

I usually find the capers by the olives, who really knows where they are "suppose" to go.

Pop, all the way :)

Jillian, Inc said...

haha - coming FROM Iowa and now living in the South for 15 years I do have to say "pop" sounds so silly to me. Also, do you notice people calling the evening meal supper? I called it that until moving south and now I call it dinner and it drives my mom NUTS! tell...where were the capers in Hy-Vee?

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