Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where thou art - that - is Home.
Emily Dickinson

After many curses of "we're never moving again" our place is finally in working order. Because this is a rental I sort of staged the whole thing so it looks cute and all the stuff we need is up and out but a lot of our stuff is nicely labeled and boxed in the basement. This was the last of many, many rentals that we looked at before the move. I always joke that this is the one that didn't make me cry. It's a duplex built in the 1970s but has been completely updated inside from windows to the wood floors. New kitchen, new bathroom, new carpet, new everything. Compared to everything we looked at, this was such a relief to find.

The unit from the outside isn't anything to write home about, just cement but well kept and clean. The inside, however, I really love. The couple that owns the whole duplex, the other unit is rented out to a very nice 30-something woman, is about our age and are taking a year abroad in Singapore with the husband's job. Being that they are our age, the style and color choices is very much in tune with what I like and all of our furniture fits nicely.

Here's a little photo tour of our new place:

From the front door, living room and dining room.

To the left, stairs to the bedrooms and bath.

To the right, living room (+ Beagle).

From the dining room.

View of the dining room, painted brick wall and sliding glass doors to the back deck.

From the dining room to the kitchen.

Dining room.

Kitchen wall near the basement door.


Kitchen again.

Heading up the stairs.

The second bedroom is the office/guest room (when I blow up the air mattress!)

Bookcase with guest supplies to the left.

The other, larger room is ours.

Our room.

Bathroom upstairs, it has great slate tile.

Bathroom again with my favorite medicine cabinet (it's huge and holds everything!)

Bathroom, great towel racks installed.


Angie said...

Randall that's really cute! I have been wondering what the new place looks like, you did a great job. Must feel great to have everything unpacked and in it's place. Congrats!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad that you like your place and that you are all 'settled'!
I love that brick wall in the dining room...the whole place is really nice.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looks super cute Randall. Love the faux brick and slider.

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