Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's get together, what do you say?
We can have a swinging time.
Hayley Mills, The Parent Trap

We have a set date, time and location for the St. Louis Blogger Get Together in May!

I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies behind Fabulous in the STL, My Husband's Watching TV, Tattooed Dorothy and Damask is Divine (Lucy in St. Lou can't make it, but she will have to join us next time!).

Interested in joining us? Please e-mail me at for the details (so they aren't posted all around the Internet!).


Angie said...

I can't wait to meet everyone! What a great idea Randall, really. I'm so glad you thought of this.

LucyinStLou said...

I'm so sorry I'll have to miss it! I hope to join you next time. Please post lots of pics.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I can't wait!!! I was telling Matt and he was like I'll go (when I told him it was at J.Buck's) and I had to tell him...sorry, it's just for the girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful idea by Randall!

Tattooed Dorothy said...

Seriously, I'm so stinkin' excited. I'm still really new to the blogging world so it's kind of a big step for me. And my husband thinks I'm losing my mind!

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