Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose

  • If Nick hadn't gotten this job in St. Louis and we hadn't bumped up our wedding date to November we would have been getting married today. Weird! I am so, so, so thankful I've been his wife for this time in between November and now.
  • I went to lunch after a work meeting yesterday in the Central West End at a darling place called Companion Bake House. So yummy and a bright, cheery environment. Try it if you're ever in that area!
  • At night Bella does what Nick calls, "crazy time!" She runs through the house sliding around on the wood floors just being, well, crazy. Last night she jumped up onto the fireplace mantle and then immediately fell right off! At first it scared me and then when I knew she was fine I couldn't stop laughing. She was less than humored.
  • There is a tree in our front yard flowering the most beautiful and delicate pink flowers. I have no idea what it is but it reminds me of Spring each time I look out the living room windows.
  • I'm going to go the Soulard Famers Market for the first time this morning and I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll come home with so lovely flowers and yummy finds!


Heidi said...

LOVE Companion! My husband and I used to go to the one in Ladue many Saturday mornings for the Smoked Salmon on a bagel. Absolutely to DIE for!!!

Angie said...

I love Companion also. Their cookies are amazing. Speaking of amazing, wait til you get to Soulard market! It's the mother of all outdoor markets, except maybe the one in New Orleans.
I wonder if your tree is a crabapple. Mine is flowering right now and it is really lovely.

Petunia said...

How funny it must feel that this would have been your wedding day!! :-)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Too funny about Bella! I asked Matt, he's a landscaper, and he started listing like 100 trees it could be so take a picture and he'll be able to tell you what it is. Him and his other landscaping buddy play this game where when we're at the park or driving around they point out trees and flowers and have to give the genous, species and all that info...I'm always lost!

Happy Not Wedding but Could've Been Wedding Day and lucky you for getting to be a wife sooner than later!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Randall,just stopping by to say I see it is your original wedding date! So happy original wedding day to you! ha ha
Hope you had a great Easter!

Tattooed Dorothy said...

The dog jumped on the mantle?! How did it get up so high? Crazy pup!

I never get over to the CWE but I hear that all the restaurants are great!

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