Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Temple Grandin

Last month Nick and I watched the HBO movie Temple Grandin. It was a fascinating look at the true story of an autistic woman during her education and professional work of animal behavior, specifically livestock.

As an animal lover myself, I just thought it was marvelous - both the topic and her! Dr. Temple Grandin in alive and well today. Her work revolutionized the livestock handling, specifically slaughter houses, and is an autism advocate. I also love Claire Danes, she is so talented!

She is also an author of numerous books. I picked up one of her books, written along with Catherine Johnson, Animals Make Us Human that had particular interest to me. It was a comprehensive look at the history and reasons behind why our dogs and cats act the way they do (there were also chapters on horses, cows and pigs).

Did you know black cats are the most affectionate? That dogs really want a parent, like wolves who live in families, not a pack leader? Or horses are prey animals (as in, things eat them - they don't hunt) so that's why they are so skittish?

Even my animal-cynical husband ("Bella can't understand you, she's a cat. A cat.") read it and really found it interesting.
So if you have HBO, make sure to watch Temple Grandin when they air it again. If you like to read, try one of her books too. I loved to broaden my perspective and hearing what a different mind has been thinking.


Sarah said...

I love learning more about animal behavior. Teaching kids about that was always one of my favorite parts about teaching riding lessons.

aapuzzanchera said...

I have been meaning to watch that, but always seem to catch it after it has started and i can't watch a movie from the middle. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to watch!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I am an extreme animal lover/animal rights activist and I had no idea about this movie! Thanks so much for bringing it (and these books!) to my attention!

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