Monday, March 1, 2010

Ooh baby, baby - can I have your tacos?
Those tacos sure look good...

the Jennifer Lopez hand, South Park

Considering I made an overly-lemony Chicken Piccata last night, I'm redeeming my wife points with tacos. Nick's very favorite dinner.

Tough, right? But still so yummy. It is definitely one of my easy dinner, comfort foods. I just buy the hard and soft shell combo kit and make it right from the box.

And, yes, I realize how much sodium that has in it. And sodium tastes is delicious. Especially on a Monday.

So instead of Taco Tuesday we'll be having Mexican Monday!

What's your favorite can't-mess-it-up dinner?

(rabbit, rabbit!)


Meredith said... favorite easy dinner is Chicken Picatta! But I also love lemon so much that I don't think I could make it too lemon-y!

Liz said...

I make tacos quite a bit. And in the winter, I tend to make a lot of chili. Other staples include hamburger helper, tortellini, and jambalaya (just buy the sausage and Zatarain's mix and you're done!)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Mmm! We're having tacos tomorrow night! Our easy dinner that we both LOVE is boiling some noodles and pouring some Ragu alfredo good and easy! Rabbit! Rabbit!

d.a.r. said...

Tacos or baked spaghetti!

Sarah said...

I'm always happy with a big salad. Andy prefers having something with a little more substance though. Pork chops and stuffing is always a hit.

Lisa said...

I buy the low sodium or only put in half the packet to make it less sodium rich ;-)

Ashley (whole-ier) said...

Here is my go to Mexican Meal- taco surprise:

(2) cans of black beans
(1) can of diced tomatoes
(1) can of salsa
1 pk taco seasoning

Cook all together add cheese, sour cream and chips on top. LOADED!

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