Thursday, September 2, 2010

There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the
realization that we have accomplished something.

Henry Ford

Last weekend my mom came into town for a visit. We had a lovely time just being together but I also got a ton of stuff done. A mother is a good motivator, "just do it now!"

Here's all we accomplished:
  • Used my Groupon at Women's Closet Exchange for a Banana Republic tweed skirt, a raspberry pink Pashmina and a long sleeve red tee from Talbot's.
  • Dropped off clothes at the fun new store called Rung. It is a second-hand resale store that focuses on selling stylish clothes and helping underprivileged women.
  • Hung some great items mom brought from home including the photo that goes along with the pocket watch on my living room wall (it's of my grandfather holding the exact watch up to his brother's ear) and some great old horse medallions from Ireland.
  • Mom did a killer job cleaning the back porch and replanting new mums for fall.
  • Visiting Grant's Farm - so fun to see the baby Clydesdale horses and beautiful grounds of the park.
  • Snuggled and walked with Winnie, the "granddog."
  • Went out to a delicious dinner at Cafe Provencal (and used Nick's "free entree" birthday coupon).


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Sounds like a good time and great family photo there at the end!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

it's so much fun getting things up on the wall and projects done! feels so good and then you get to enjoy it! sounds like y'all had such a great time! what a great fam pic! so cute :)

Casey said...

I bet your Momma LOVED spending time with Winnie!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific weekend!

Lipstick said...

Wow!!!! Your mom's productivity is inspiring to me.

Your wall and your porch look great too.

Lisa said...

You have such a pretty family! :) I love the doggie!

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