Friday, May 23, 2008

Cleanliness is next to impossible.
Author Unknown

I love washing my car. Well, not me personally washing it. Goodness, no. I think my condo association would convulse at the idea of soap suds in the grass.

But really, having it washed - whether at a gas station car wash or a full service one - I just love my car when it is sparkly clean.

I tried a new local one where you actually stay in your car as it pulls you through. I was laughing the whole time because, well, it was a fun way to spend some of my lunch hour. I felt like little kid... hooray for new car washes!

And then, they have free vacuums for use to I did all my floor mats, used my Armor All wipes on the dashboard and finished up with tire shine spray. My little Volkswagen gleamed in the sun.

I think she likes carwashes too!Then I filled her up with $3.89 a gallon gas. That's when she stopped complaining that I don't wash her more often.

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natalie said...

i love how my car looks when it's washed and clean on the inside. however, i don't like doing it myself. haha!
natalie (

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