Friday, May 2, 2008

Where is the good in goodbye?
Meredith Willson, The Music Man

After graduation on Sunday, Nick stayed in town until mid-Tuesday. I took that time off of work which I am so thankful for!

We slept in, made pancakes and relaxed all morning.

Then headed to his house to clean and pack some more. He mainly worked outside mowing the grass and landscaping. Did you know a Volkswagen Jetta can hold twelve bags of mulch? It can! It's also super fun to later try and vacuum all that mulch out.

Rocking his extra snazzy lawn mowing outfit

We had a mini-date to Outback that night and just enjoyed each other to the fullest. It was so wonderful to have him around again but still made me sad as the hours ticked by that we were closer and closer to saying good bye again.

One last picture before leaving for the airport

As I mentioned before, I'm a cryer and Nick really isn't. So it was inevitable that had big tears in my eyes as we got in the car to drop Nick off at the airport.

He leaned in and hugged me. We both just held each other and sobbed.
I'm sure the lady next to us getting her car thought we were crazy.
This is terrible and I never thought I would ever, ever miss him so much. We joked that our first year of marriage would be a breeze because we would be so thrilled to be around each other again.

"Can you help with the garbage? You bet!"

"Want to go to the grocery store with me? Sure darling!"

I really am better once he has left, it isn't like I go home after work and cry all night but the whole "now I'm leaving" thing is awful!

So here's to happy hellos and tolerable goodbyes until November.


A Texas Gal living in Chicago said...

I used to cry (for about the first 4 months) every time we left each other. Now, I still get so incredibly sad but no tears. When we get in the car or on the subway (depending on which city we are in) I just get so sad. It does make every moment together that much sweeter though! :) I'm glad y'all had such a good time together.

natalie said...

oh girl, i feel for y'all. poor things!!!
(and don't you love the yard mowing attire. hehe!)

Anonymous said...

i miss you. i'm glad i came over to catch up...

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