Friday, April 11, 2008

Change is inevitable. Change is constant.
Benjamin Disraeli

Things 'round here are a changing.

Big time.

Nick has accepted a job offer in St. Louis and we are moving! Oh my goodness, we are moving!

He actually is driving up there to start work on Sunday (yes, as in TOMORROW). We have moved the wedding date from April 2009 to November 2008. I am staying here to keep working, assist with the new tenants in his house and just sort of get my life in order. Oh, and PLAN A WEDDING!

Then I'll moving to St. Louis closer to the wedding (either before or after depending on how my work schedule pans out).

The plan is that we're taking baby steps. He is going to stay with a college friend this week and is close to subletting an apartment whose lease is up in August.

I am planning on making a few trips up there throughout the summer to get the lay of the land and so we can find "our" place. You don't really think I'd let him pick it out alone, do you?!

At first I was really overwhelmed. But now I'm just darn excited. This is a fabulous step up career wise for Nick and is going to lead to life choices in the future that will shape our dreams into a reality. I am sad to leave my job but with solid experience under my belt and a shiny new masters degree I am looking forward to some new possibilities.

So, here's to the next chapter of our lives!


Anonymous said...

How EXCITING!!! I'm so, so happy for you and Nick! Congrats on getting your masters and now you get to plan a wedding! So many changes, but its all for the best! Can't wait to read more about wedding and moving plans!! :o)


Anna said...

Oh wow, big changes!! It's wonderful that you get to make them together. Congrats Nick on his new job. It's going to be exciting watching (reading) you planning a wedding and getting ready for a big move.

natalie said...

i am floored! you are leaving sunny south florida! how's your mom taking the move?
one of my college sorority sisters moved to st. louis last year--she loves it.
doesn't his family live nearby? iowa?
and a wedding in like 5.5 months?! yay!!
i'm so excited for y'all.

tshavlik said...

Moves are always a big change. It was fun checking out your blog. You've done a good job keeping it up. God bless you both during the move!

Amber & Josh said...

Oh my gosh how exciting! Big changes are right!! So St Louis huh? Aren't you going to miss being so close to your mama and living in Florida?? I do believe St Louis get's snow ya know?! :o)

A Texas Gal living in Chicago said...

St. Louis is such a fun town! I am sure you will miss Florida but how exciting to truly start an entirely new life when y'all are married! :) I wish you all the best!!!

Shara said...

Well welcome to the midwest chickie! How exciting! Congrats to Nick! Very exciting stuff. :) It's all pretty perfect timing huh?

Rachel said...

Wow! That's HUGE! Congratulations, and I'm sure that you'll have so much to post about in the months leading to your move and the wedding! Can't wait!

Kate said...

Woa!!! So much HAS changed...I feel so out of the loop, I haven't read your blog in ages (nor have I updated my xanga in ages haha). That's exciting you're moving to the Lou, I have a good friend from college who lives there and loves it. She graduated from Miami with me, moved to Texas for a job for 2 years, then decided she needed to go back to her hometown of St. Louis so she's working there now. And ps...I'm heading back to Philly for good in mid-June...peace out, Florida!

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