Friday, April 18, 2008

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
Bo Derek

I love me some eBay.

I'm certainly not an eBay expert, except for two words. Vera. Bradley.

Maybe it is because I'm frugal or just that I like the retired patterns better than what is out now. I'm not sure. But over the years I have gotten some great deals on NWT (that's "new with tags" for you non-eBayers) and barely used Vera Bradley pieces.

I really only go for two patterns: Villa Red for my mom and Pink Pansy for me. I'm picky, know what I am looking for and have pieced together lovely weekend luggage sets of our patterns.

My holy grail of eBay Vera Bradley has been the Pink Pansy pattern garment bag. The piece is expensive to begin with, even if you just walked into a store and puchased it for $130. On eBay it is even more expensive because my pattern is retired and "rare." I have seen few garment bags go for less than $120 and some as high as $250.

I have watched, looked and searched for that great deal for a long time. And, ladies and gentlemen, I have found it.

I heard this little trick a while ago to use on eBay. Take the item you are looking for and search for it's most common misspelling. You will find listings with incorrectly spelled item names going for 1/4 of the general price because people aren't bidding on them. They aren't bidding on them because they can't find them!

Type: Vera Bradley Pink Pansey. Oops. BINGO!

My darling brand new garment bag arrived today for the steal of $35 including shipping. Now I just need to take a fabulous weekend trip to pack up my great new find!

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Kate said...

You should post a picture of said bag! VB is so fun!

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