Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

Nick left early Sunday morning for St. Louis. We packed every available inch of his car with stuff. I burned a lot of great CDs for the drive and sent him on his way with a goody bags full of trailmix, Red Vines, cheddar Goldfish, Gatorade and Diet Coke - really, what more does a guy need?!

Snacks and songs for the road

I was dreading the goodbye. Gave him a big bear hug and of course I started crying.

Now, Nick doesn't cry.

He is just not a cryer (and I can usually take care of it enough for the both of us!).

I always joke that I've only seen him cry twice. Once, when Zach Johnson won the Masters and again when he proposed.

But on Sunday morning when he stepped to get in his car, tears were streaming down his face. Which of course made me cry more. Boo - goodbyes are awful.

The longest we've ever been apart is two weeks when I was in Italy about three years ago. This time we are at the two week mark again - he will be flying back from my graduation (hooray!). But when he leaves after my graduation it will be about a four weeks apart before I make my first trip up there at the end of May. I know in the grand scheme of things it really isn't a long time but for us, it is.

So I'm doing okay here alone - it is still funny to think that he isn't at his old job or waking up in his bed. But I know we are going to get in a new schedule with him in St. Louis and me here.

And it will make our time together after we get married so much sweeter!

On his way to St. Louis!


A Texas Gal living in Chicago said...

I wish I could say it gets easier- it doesn't. I used to cry every time I left A, now I may not cry but I still feel so sad but I just tell myself this is how it is right now. It is rough and awful to tell you the truth but I also tell myself that once we are in the same city again it will be that much sweeter! :)

Rachel said...

Awh...I'm so sorry! I know how sad you must be right now! G and I used to live far apart, and it's always hard, but we did get to see one another on the weekends. I'm thinking of you while you guys are apart!

Anonymous said...

Awww, don't worry you guys will be back together in no time. Thats so sweet Nick cried!! And I love that care pkg u made for him-that was so nice!! :o)


natalie said...

oh girl, i really don't know how you're doing it. i'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers y'all's way because i don't think i could do it. the most i've ever been away from cooper was four days (since the day we met) and i honestly don't think i could do it.
good luck the next few months and if you need anything i am here!

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