Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing bingo is really exciting, it's good, clean fun in my old age.
Betty Montgomery

I still live in the town where I went to college, so my sorority alumnae group often has the pleasure of heading over to the university to see the collegeiate chapter. The girls in the chapter are darling and officially make me feel old the moment I walk in the door (at no fault of their own, of course).

The other night we joined them for BINGO!

I haven't played bingo in quite a while, maybe a cruise years ago, so it was fun. I sat at a table with some other alums (and one alumnae husband being a good sport) and we dominated!
Blew those squealing 18 year olds out of the water with our bingo-ing skills. A few gift cards (a Starbucks card won by yours truly) and candy goody bags later we showed them the benefits of being older and pulling tricky playing-three-cards-at-a-time skills.


Alumnae table at Bingo night

Us chapter presidents stick together: me with the current chapter president, Autumn, and immediate past president, Tara.


Amber & Josh said...

When ever I visit my old chapter I always end up feeling "old" too .... it's fun to be an alumnae but to be active again ... oh I miss it sometimes! :o)

I just wanted to say Congrats too! I know this was awhile ago but that is so exciting your engaged ... are starting to plan yet??

Are You Willing to Change? said...

They are so cute, and the green dress the President is wearing is too cute! I miss my sorority sometimes too, and I too sometimes wish I lived back in town.

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