Monday, April 14, 2008

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.
Dave Weinbaum

On Saturday, my sorority alumnae group hosted the graduating seniors from the local university (and my alma mater) for the annual Pansy Brunch. This honors their graduation and welcomes them into alumnae membership.

It is always a fun and well attended event and even more interesting this year was our guest speaker, author Lisa Unger. She was wonderful to listen to and I can't wait to pick up her books Beautiful Lies, Sliver of Truth and Black Out- check them out!

It was a little sad too because this will be my last event with this alumnae chapter. Our membership events are highly seasonal and our next meeting is not until late November - well after our wedding and move to St. Louis. The chapter president said some kind words about me which made me blush but was also very nice. I just have to think that I will hopefully see them again soon!

Flowers and certificates for the graduating seniors

Darling new alumnae!

With alumnae chapter president, and my friend, Judy

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Rachel said...

I know that it's so hard to leave an Alumnae Chapter that has become a part of you, especially since you went to college there too.

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