Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose.

  • I received the lab results back from my surgery and everything is a-ok! It is such a relief With my stiches out and Mederma in my medicine cabinet I'm ready to be done with this.
  • I'm watching Sex and the City on DVD (Season 3, Disc 1) and they are having cupcakes and coffee at The Magnolia Bakery - now I desperately need baked goods.
  • We booked the band for our wedding - yay!
  • I am really looking forward to watching Hillary Clinton concede the presidential nomination at noon - goodbye, so long, game over.
  • Hopefully Big Brown will win the Belmost Stakes today to clinch the Triple Crown (can you tell I'm going to marry a thoroughbred horseracing fan?).
  • I booked my second airline ticket to St. Louis - 34 days, 827 hours until I see my Nick again!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

So exciting that you booked the band for your wedding! Keep us posted on our progress!

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