Thursday, June 12, 2008

If I'm on the course and lightning starts, I get inside fast.
If God wants to play through, let him.
Bob Hope

My condo faces the eleventh tee on my community's golf course.

It makes for great entertainment as you watch all different types of people pull up in their golf carts - single playing guys still in their work clothes, drunken foursomes of college guys, groups of women in pink polka dots. It's fun people watching. It also makes you never want to adjust your bra or sweaty shorts ever again while playing in front of homes and condos. It doesn't look like anyone can clearly see out but WE CAN.

Now that summer has arrived the afternoon thunderstorms are rolling through like clockwork. You may know Florida has the charming nickname of "Lightning Capital of the World." Of course, golfers tend to be the first to forget that black clouds, whistling wind and rumbling thunder mean big time lightning even when there is no rain. Warning sirens, schmirens... they are still playing!

So yesterday evening while spending some time with NBC and Brian Williams I watched a foursome pull up in the middle of a nasty storm and tee up their shots.

No rain, though, no rain... that means it isn't really a storm you know *eyeroll*

All of a sudden a FLASH of light and frightening CRACK shook my windows. It was the closest strike I have seen in a while and I haven't heard a grown man scream like that in a long while either. And I couldn't stop laughing.

They quickly scurried for their carts and turned back toward the clubhouse. Poor guy, almost strike by lightning while playing in a THUNDERSTORM. Imagine that.

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Rachel said...

I remember those guys...They all thing that, and it's so funny. I used to work at a golf course too.

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