Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You've got mail! You've got mail! Yaaaaayyyy!
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I love getting mail. Okay, maybe not the junk circular flyers but a crisp, thick envelope from a greeting card or glossy new magazine is the best. I especially enjoy when I open my PO Box and it is busting at the seems with mail. Poor little PO Box.

So it was fun yesterday when I headed out to Nick's house to pick up his mail that has come since he has been in St. Louis.

Of course, the man cannot forward mail ("My address now is only temporary, I don't want to change this all again after you move up here...etc., etc.") so there was literally a cardboard box full of credit card offers, PGA magazines, insurance papers and Arbor Day Foundation offers. His old roommate, who is now renting the house from him, was nice enough to set it all aside.

Last night on the phone I got to open all of Nick's mail with him on the phone. It is even more fun opening mail that isn't yours! We made a send-to-Nick-now pile, a bring-on-next-trip-to-St.-Louis pile and a trash pile (the largest).

The best find was by far his vacation payout from his old job - hooray for found money in a big fabulous pile of mail. He is definitely buying my next plane ticket to St. Louis!

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