Friday, June 20, 2008

You could totally shorten it and wear it again!
27 Dresses

This is my first official help-me-pick-something-for-my-wedding post!

I need another pair of eyes to assist in selecting which dress my matron of honor will be wearing. I am not having a full wedding party, just Casey, so this is the only dress.

A few things:

The fabric is silk shantung and the color of the dress will be "aloe" as seen here. Ignore the colors in the dress options below.

My matron of honor is about 5'7" with a thin build. Basically, she looks fabulous in everything. However, she said she thinks her shoulders aren't as flattering in halter style dresses with too square necklines. And... let's all understand how pretty she is and how I really say that she can wear anything:

Casey at her wedding

With her husband James at a fundraiser

Here is dress option one. Her choice, I like the sweatheart neckline but have a feeling my mom won't be crazy about it being strapless. But I could always do a pashmina over her shoulders if someone throws a fit about it in the church.

Here is dress option two. My choice, I love the bow in the back but worry that it looks to "bridesmaidy" and don't want her to feel uncomfortable in the halter.

The dresses are both from Aria if you want to see more.

Which would be your pick?


Anna said...

I'm partial to number one, it's just got clean lines and is simple - I'd like number two better without the bow.
I think with a pashima, number will be perfectly acceptable. So many people have their wedding parties in strapless dresses now.

Lauren said...

Hi Randall! I like option number one the best. I think the sweetheart neckline is very flattering and you could cover it up if you needed to. I do not know how strict your church is on the bare shoulders thing. Will your shoulders be covered? Option two is nice, but I am personally not a bow person so maybe without that...Good luck!!

~rita said...

Personally, I like number two best from the front, but I agree about the bow. Also, I think she should be able to wear a dress she loves as long as you don't dislike it. A pashmina or a sheer little "shrug" kind of thing would look great with it.

A1 - The Wife said...

Thanks for the comment! Love love love the blog! You now have a new faithful reader. I say option #2. I'm old school and can't help but be bothered by the nakedness of the first dress! No matter what, you know she probably is never ever going to wear either dress again.

Anonymous said...

I like number one! :o)


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I like option two. I think Option one looks like a prom dress. I know it is simple, but to me it is boring. Option two is more stylish and really pretty. I think that your friend will look amazing in it and yes she would look good in anything! :) Is your dress strapless or not?

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